Saturday, May 29, 2010

Book inspired perfume

Not quite a book review this time but staying on the literary path I wanted to share these fun products I purchased on Etsy recently.  Latherati is a book inspired bath and body product store on Etsy. Selling soaps, artisan perfumes, lip lusters and body lotions scented and flavoured after well known works of literature.
I’ll confess straight off the bat I have a little problem with Etsy, a little can’t stay off it problem.  I have a particular fondness for all the cottage kitchen bath and body products on there. There are some high quality materials available for purchase to suit practically every taste, nose and skin type.  So imagine my delight when I fell upon Latherati, beautifully crafted body products bred with my other passion, books.
Take a look at some examples of the inspired scents Julie from Latherati has come up with.

CURIOUSER, inspired by Alice in Wonderland by Lewis Carroll - sweet orange marmalade, white cake, tea and a hint of black pepper.

, inspired by Great Expectations by Charles Dickens - warm, tangy ginger and tart lemon with a bottom note of cedarwood.

LONGBOURN, inspired by Pride and Prejudice - Sweet honeysuckle with green leafy grass notes smoothly blended with zesty lemon and herbal undertones.

AVARICE, inspired by Wuthering Heights  - warm cedarwood, patchouli and black pepper with hints of raspberry and a lush green forest.

Quelling my natural impulse to buy one of everything I started with MILKMAID, inspired by one of my favourite novels Tess of the D’Urbervilles.  I chose the lip luster a moisturizing blend of coconut, castor & avocado oils, mango butter, vitamin e, beeswax and the delicate flavor of milk. It is really quite scrumptious the flavor reminds me of milk bottles, those soft chewy lollies that come shaped like old school milk bottles. Maybe they are just a New Zealand thing, I’m not sure, but the flavor is delicate and sweet and quite comforting. I can’t stop applying it, it glides on smoothly, isn’t heavy or sticky and is wonderfully moisturizing, which after all is the important thing.

I also purchased the matching roll on artisan perfume DAIRYMAID - a sweet blend of milk and honey and fresh butter cream. This scent is absolutely divine, if you love the foody smelling oils from more well known artisan perfume makers like Bpal then you’ll love this. A deliciously soft scent that evokes feelings of comfort and warmth. Sweet sugary vanilla tones married with a lighter  floral note I can’t quite place, sweet peas maybe? This has been my perfume du jour all week. It lasts very well too, not quick to fade plus the roll on applicator bottle makes it cake to apply. No spills.

I read on the front page of her shop she’s running a competition on her blog for ideas for a new perfume based on a Gothic novel.  Naturally I ran right over to suggest my all time favourite’s like Northanger Abbey, Mysteries of Udolpho and Jane Eyre only to discover plenty of others had the same idea as me. Are my choices that predictive? So I dug deeper and came up with another The Masque of the Red Death, Edgar Allan Poe, after all you can’t get much more Gothic than Poe.
Why don’t you pop over and suggest your favourite Gothic novel, you never know, you might just be applying it as a perfume soon.


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