Thursday, April 22, 2010

Hush, Hush Review

This is another book I bought solely on the pretty cover. When will I learn.

Very Twilightesque in its format. Another female protagonist I couldn't quite muster up much enthusiasm for and at many a point felt like smacking her around a bit.

Is biology class the teen equivalent of a singles bar? Why are all these kids hooking up in Bio. What's wrong with economics class is what I want to know.

Some good UST between Nora and Patch. Patch is fairly hot and to be honest the only thing that kept me reading. I may have developed a little bit of a crush on this character.

A few good quotes within the text.

"My daughter got implants. She said she did if for herself, but what woman gets boobs for herself? They are a burden. She got the boobs for a man. I hope you do not do stupid things for a boy Nora."

"“You smell good, too,” said Patch

“It’s called a shower.” I was staring straight ahead. When he didn’t answer, I turned sideways. “Soap. Shampoo. Hot water.”

“Naked. I know the drill.”

Overall a quick and entertaining read for a slow and boring day but not something I'd be likely to reread.


Anonymous said...

This book was... interesting.

I got bored near the end and asked you to spoil me. I didn't mind it, but while it was more well written than Twilight, it didn't hold my interest as long.

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